Can I make a reservation by calling the customer support?

While we are always available and happy to assist you with your queries at +202 – 21279930 or +971-800-Wego / +971-800-9346. We would request you to explore our portal for the most competitive fares and ease of booking at your convenience.

Why did the fare increase when I tried to book my flight?

The availability and/or price of the flight selected can change, if not booked promptly. While we provide the most updated results on available flights and fares for our users, the Airlines ultimately reserve the right to modify their flights at any given point in...

What kind of Flight options are available to book with Wego ?

We have the following flight booking options available on our site: Nonstop flights only – Check this box if you want to see fares only for flights that do not stop or change planes at one or more airports before you reach your final destination. No plane change...

What are stopovers?

If the duration of transit is longer than 48 hours and thus involving a break in journey, is termed as a stopover. The cheapest international fares restrict en route stopovers. Higher fare levels may permit stopovers.

What is meant by direct flights?

Direct flight bookings are described as : Direct Flights are where two cities are connected by a single aircraft. Thus flights with none, one or more intermediate stops, but with no change of aircraft are known as direct flights. Direct Non-stop flights are generally...