Wego launches native mobile advertising solutions

April 26, 2016
, by wego admin

Singapore, 26 April, 2016Wego.com, the leading travel search site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, today announces the launch of Native Advertising Solutions for mobile.

“With the continued success and popularity of Wego’s travel app across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, iPad, and smartwatch, we are committed to further innovating our mobile business,” said Honey Mittal, Vice President for Mobile at Wego.

“Our ability to connect with travellers throughout our core markets in the Middle East and Asia has elevated Wego’s travel app to the highest ranks in terms of reviews, and resulted in the app being regularly featured in both the iTunes and Google Play stores,” he said.

“We have committed to developing our mobile product considerably, while studying these markets where smartphone penetration is some of the highest in the world, and taken the next step by developing an effective and productive native advertising solution to suit,” Mittal continued.

“Mobile is the new frontier for advertisers,” said Craig Hewett, Co-Founder and Chief Advertising Officer at Wego. “Nothing connects advertisers with, or gets closer to travellers, than creative and relevant mobile messaging.”

“Traditionally ads were considered intrusive, and wasteful due to accidental clicks that return no value to the advertiser. Wego’s Mobile Native Ads have changed all that,” Hewett explained. “As one of the first in the region to launch, Wego’s Mobile Native Ads are embedded inside travel search results, returning relevant and highly personalised communications that have proved incredibly successful.”

“Travellers are proving increasingly responsive providing positive feedback to the ads, and early advertisers are receiving eight to ten times higher CTRs than industry standards,” he added.

“Wego’s strength in these growing mobile regions places us in the unique position to test what works best for both travellers and advertisers . Advertising, if not delivered effectively and with relevance to the user, has no value for either party.”

Google studies state that 79 percent of smartphone owners use their device to purchase goods and services, and on average, consumers check their mobile devices around 150 times per day.

For more information about Wego’s advertising solutions go to https://www.wego.com/advertise, and watch our YouTube video here.


About Wego

Wego.com provides award winning travel search websites and top ranked mobile apps for ​travellers living in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Wego ​harnesses powerful yet simple to use technology ​that ​automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airline​,​ hotel and online travel agency websites.

Wego presents an unbiased comparison of all travel products and prices ​offered ​in the marketplace ​by ​merchants, both local and global, and enables shoppers to quickly find the best deal and place to book whether from an airline or hotel direct, or ​with a third party aggregator​ website​​.

Wego was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Singapore with regional operations in Dubai, Bangalore and Jakarta. Investors include Tiger Global Management, Crescent Point Group and SquarePeg Capital. Each month Wego sends flight and hotel booking referrals worth US$1.5B to travel partners.