Wego shares innovative technology with new APIs

April 25, 2012
, by wego admin

Singapore, April 25th, 2012 – Leading travel metasearch site, Wego.com is sharing their comprehensive travel technology developing two new APIs (application programming interfaces) and making them available to the commercial market for the first time.

The APIs provide developers, publishers, entrepreneurs, in fact any businesses, with the ability to access Wego’s innovative travel metasearch facility, content and even airfares from Wego providers, as well as the scope to adapt the application to suit their own model.

“The APIs open endless opportunities for businesses,”

explained Affiliate Manager, Allister Barretto.

“They give companies the opportunity to develop their own travel web and mobile applications, desktop software and branded versions suited to their own specific interests and that of their users, who they can also profile using Wego’s sophisticated analytic tools.”

API content can be retrieved in 20 languages and from any geo-location using Wego’s feeds from hundreds of global travel partners. An analytic dashboard provides real-time metrics for analysing and reporting of traffic and revenue.

“Mobile OS makers release software development kits to help developers build applications around their ecosystems,” said Barretto. “These apps get valued at millions of dollars. We’ve released something similar within our vertical and we’ve exposed an API which allows developers to plug into our platform and create something valuable along with a program that enables them to monetise what they build.”

Currently available in beta the APIs cover all of Wego’s hotel and flight products with plans for packages, most recent airfare searches and deals to roll out in the near future. The applications are extremely user friendly, with requests made over HTTP and responses in JSON format (XML in some cases).

The Wego Hotels API and Flights Hotels API are aimed at providing developers with Wego’s metasearch capabilities without having to deal with the complexities inherent with maintaining the facility.

“Wego’s APIs will continue to evolve as we make further developments, however we will ensure backwards capability so that users of original versions will not be affected by the updates,” said Barretto. “We’re excited that these APIs can be used in conjunction with our popular Affiliate Program which helps developers to monetise booking referrals with ease generated from their own sites and applications.”

Developers will need to apply for an API key, which is currently only available on request via [email protected].

Full documentation on the Wego Affiliate Program is available at: https://www.wego.com/affiliates.

For more information on joining the Wego Affiliate Program and getting access to the Wego APIs, contact [email protected]. For API-specific enquiries and support, contact [email protected].

Full documentation on the Hotels API is available at https://www.wego.com/api/hotels/docs.

Full documentation on the Flights API is available at https://www.wego.com/api/flights/docs.


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