Wego launches TV and YouTube campaign in Indonesia

September 18, 2014
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Singapore, 18 September, 2014 – Wego, the leading travel search site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, has developed the company’s first television and online video campaign.

The campaign, consisting of a series of ads to run across television and YouTube was inspired by personal travel choices and initially launched nationally in Indonesia in early August for a period of three months, with plans in place to extend broadcast advertising to Wego’s other core markets.

Each of the six 30 and 15 second spots (three each), appropriately relate to the individuality of travel preferences which can incorporate family, business, shopping, food and romance travel motivations with a slightly humorous undertone. The ads also help to communicate the benefits of the travel metasearch model and its all-inclusive ability to display online travel agent rates, as well as direct airline and hotel rates.

“We understand how personal travel is to each individual, and the reasons for taking a trip differ dramatically from traveller to traveller,” commented Joachim Holte, Chief Marketing Officer for Wego.

“We’ve allocated a great deal of resources in developing Wego to meet those very personal needs as the most intuitive and comprehensive method of finding the best airfares and hotel rates online, and felt it was time to introduce our brand to broader audiences through television and YouTube to reinforce that understanding.”

“Wego takes the complication out of travel planning and our consistently growing strength throughout APAC, the Middle East and India shows us that travellers appreciate that Wego provides them with an easy and effective method of gathering the myriad of travel options online, and from anywhere via our free travel apps for iOS and Android,” Holte continued.

“Delivering the Wego message with a touch of humour reinforces our real-person approach that we cultivate in all our communications as well as our product,” he explained. “We want people to know that we understand the catalyst behind travel intentions differs for each person, whether they travel for family holidays, last minute business trips, or even a romantic escape.”

“We selected Indonesia as the first market to introduce the campaign. Indonesians have overwhelmingly adopted Wego as their preferred method of travel planning, in fact, Jakarta was one of Wego’s first locations outside of Singapore headquarters where we established a regional office. Indonesia also has a rapidly developing smartphone market who are travelling more and more frequently and enjoying the convenience of our travel app .”

“Much of Wego’s success has stemmed from our early localisation strategy,” Holte said. “Personalisation is extremely important in today’s online travel industry which has enabled us to build a growing loyalty among our users. It’s where we excel.”

“The addition of TV and online video is an extension of Wego’s investment to inspire and engage with travellers so they can continue to save time, pay less and travel more. We look forward to sharing that message with more markets in the near future,” Holte concluded.

The series of commercials from Wego can be viewed here.

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