Wego goes local in quirky video commercials in Indonesia

September 25, 2014
, by wego admin

It being 1.45am in the morning and nothing else to do but to go to bed, I decided to watch Wego’s new commercials on YouTube – six of them back-to-back takes 2 mins 15 seconds, I had been told by CEO Ross Veitch.

They all carry the same message essentially saying, use Wego to get the best prices, communicating the benefits of the travel metasearch model and its all-inclusive ability to display online travel agent rates, as well as direct airline and hotel rates.

They are of course in Indonesian and use local slang – OMG interspersed with colloquialisms – so you can see Wego is trying to say, “We are one of you, we know the local speak.”

The talent is a bit stiff, especially the business traveller, perhaps it’s deliberate; the guy dreaming of a romantic getaway is rather cute in a nerdy way; I like the girl dreaming of shopping best perhaps it speaks to me – but I can imagine the commercials would go down well in the Indonesian market – it’s quirky, fun and trendy.

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