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Wego Embraces Saudi Arabia’s Decision to Resume Exceptional International Flights

141,000 searches were conducted on our platform following the announcement

Dubai, 16 September 2020: Wego, the largest online travel marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), supports Saudi Arabia’s decision on the resumption of exceptional flights and explains the regulations and categories of travelers allowed to enter and exit the country.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, citizens are allowed to re-enter the kingdom through all land, sea, and airports after January 1, 2021, provided that all coronavirus-related precautionary measures are taken.

In addition, it allows certain categories to travel to and from the Kingdom with stringent health precautions which will take effect from September 15, 2020.

Mamoun Hmedan, Managing Director, MENA and India, Wego, said: “This is a great step towards reviving the tourism sector in the region. Saudi Arabia constitutes a significant percentage of the tourism sector in the Middle East. Around 141,000 flight searches to and from Saudi Arabia were conducted on our platform, following the announcement. A lot of travelers have been eagerly waiting for this announcement and we expect to see a surge in bookings to and from Saudi Arabia.

GCC citizens and non-Saudi residents will be allowed to return to the country, provided that they show a negative COVID-19 test

As for the expatriates and their depending outside KSA that have been eager to go back to the country, they need to show a proof of their legal stay outside the country.

Some business travel will be resumed, allowing business people who need to attend meetings, or take part in events to travel. This will ultimately help this travel segment gradually recover as more conferences and physical events resume around the world.

Also, those who participate in regional and international events including the players and technical administrative staff.

As more airlines resume international and domestic flights, we continue to see an increase in the demand for flight searches. Customers are feeling more reassured where airports, hotels and other tour operators are reinstating the confidence in travel. With stringent precautionary measures followed and safety measures that meet the high standards, we expect a steady recovery for the tourism sector.

The following category allowed to reenter and exit Saudi includes Civilian and military government employees who were assigned to do official tasks.

This also implies to personnel the Saudi diplomatic and consular mission and the attaches abroad as well as personnel regional and international organizations including their families and companions.

Moreover, patients who require medical support and treatment outside the country, will be allowed to travel and the priority will be given to those with cancer and need an organ transplantation.

Saudi Arabia is also extending the travel ability to those who need to reunite with their families residing outside the country.

Last but not least students on scholarship and those studying at their own expense or their programs require traveling can leave and reenter the country.

Also exempted from the travel ban are those with permanent jobs in public, private and non-profit facilities ​

As for Umrah, a plan will be announced in due course to reactivate this travel segment in light of the developments related to the pandemic.

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