Wego builds further programmatic innovation, introducing Automated Guaranteed Advertising

October 12, 2015
, by wego admin

Singapore, 12 October, 2015 – Wego.com, the leading travel search site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, has become the first publisher to offer Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders to advertisers in Southeast Asia.

Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI), a global technology company powering the only independent advertising solution to automate the entire digital advertising ecosystem, has been a leader in automated guaranteed solutions since their recent launch of Guaranteed Orders. This new product brings premium buyers and sellers together to seamlessly plan, negotiate and execute reserved digital media buys.

“Wego continues to lead with innovative and efficient solutions for our advertisers who value, and are keen to leverage, Wego’s expansive audience’s travel intent,” said Rick Mulia, Chief Advertising & Media Officer at Wego.

This partnership further broadens Wego’s already world-class Ad Tech stack, which includes partnerships with DSPs and a key relationship with DMP partner Lotame and ad partner Google. Both new and existing advertisers such as Marina Bay Sands, Tourism Australia and Emirates will be able to leverage Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders technology to target and buy audiences in a way that integrates seamlessly into their media planning and buying process.

Wego has been building out its advertising technology stack since 2013, initially kicking-off with establishing a publisher trading desk then continuing with various investments in a Data Management Platform (DMP), Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and more recently offering Private Marketplace deals to Agency trading desks and direct advertisers.

“Rubicon Project’s automated guaranteed product extends opportunities even further, allowing our advertisers to move beyond bidding for unsold inventory or strike private deals to being able to quickly negotiate and execute media buying of our inventory at a guaranteed CPM and impression level,” Mulia added.

Jay Stevens, International GM for Rubicon Project commented: “We’re committed to providing buyers and sellers the technologies and integrations they need to put the consumer first. With our acquisition of Shiny Ads and iSocket last year, our Guaranteed Orders business allows the market to be automated end-to-end, driving efficiency and higher value for buyers. eMarketer predicts that by 2016 automated guaranteed will eclipse RTB in the UK as the dominant transaction method for digital display ad spend1, and in the US, programmatic direct already makes up a 52% share of spend2. Wego has established itself as an innovator in its region by being the first to adopt Guaranteed Orders in Southeast Asia.”

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Wego.com is the leading travel search engine across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East and is used by millions of travellers each month to save time, pay less and travel more. The company provides powerful yet simple to use tools that help travellers research trips, compare prices for flights and hotels across multiple websites, and to book travel online. Wego shows users an unbiased and channel neutral view of travel prices, providing a choice of booking direct with a hotel or airline, or via an online travel agent or aggregator. For more information, visit https://www.wego.com/about.

About Rubicon Project
Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) has engineered the Advertising Automation Cloud, one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems. The Company’s mission is to automate the buying and selling of advertising by offering innovative technology solutions to connect buyers and sellers globally.www.RubiconProject.com
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