Can you help me with a flight or hotel quote?

In order to get the cheapest price and the best deal for you, we recommend you to use our flight and hotel search tool and set your preferred dates along with destinations and number of passengers and choose the best deal for you.

Prices for children and infants

Some airlines offer discounted airfares for children and infants while some airlines don’t. We recommend you to contact the airline or travel agent directly if you have any questions related to children or infants airfares.

Can I trust the travel agents which you show on your site?

Wego only works with accredited and trusted companies; however, please note that it is up to the user to choose which booking site you wish to book with. You can also check for “Wego’s star partners” which are booking websites that provide a high...

Prices on providers sites are different from Wego

We always do our best to ensure that the prices are accurate and up to date; however sometimes there might be some technical issues that lead to some discrepancy in the prices displayed so if you see any difference in price, please send us a screenshot of the price on...

Wego apps are not working

Sometimes app problems can be solved by restarting the app or by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If the issue persists, please send us a screenshot of the issue at [email protected] and our technical team will work hard to solve it