Wego Launches Enhanced Travel Advisory Feature to Help People Travel Again✈️

September 27, 2021

Wego Launches Enhanced Travel Advisory Feature to Help People Travel Again

Wego is amongst the very first travel companies to launch features to help people travel during the pandemic

Dubai, 21 September 2021: Wego, the largest online travel marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), launched a new travel feature to help people travel again during the pandemic.

On 13 September 2021, Wego launched its latest iteration of COVID travel feature called ‘Travel Advisory’ on its app. Travel Advisory is an intuitive and comprehensive tool that helps Wego users discover destinations that they can now visit, based on factors such as their country of origin and vaccination status.

The feature is easily accessible from the Wego app homepage. Users will see a ‘Destinations Open For Travel’ carousel, from which they can browse the top countries that are open to them, filtered by vaccination status and country of origin.

For a full list of countries now open for travel, users can click on the ‘Check all Destinations’ option. The search feature comes equipped with labels describing each country’s quarantine & COVID tests requirements.

Once users have decided on a destination, they can delve into the details of the entry requirements on the city level. The entry requirements are updated daily and are highly instructive, allowing users to gather important information before moving forward with their purchase.

The detailed entry requirements are also integrated into the users’ flight journey, showing up on the flight search results page.

Wego’s Travel Advisory feature is powered by one of the leading providers of COVID travel restrictions data, providing users access to information of the highest quality and accuracy.

The teams involved will update and improve the features regularly, moving Wego closer to its goal to be an indispensable tool for travelling during the pandemic.

This is not the first time Wego introduces new features to guide people to travel the world again. On 22 May 2020— 2 short months after the pandemic gripped the world—Wego launched its very first COVID travel feature ‘International Reopening’ which aimed to help people monitor the closing and reopening of borders around the world.

This content quickly became the top-ranking page worldwide for many ‘travel reopening’ searches and has been referenced by more than 100 websites.

Throughout the pandemic, the content & product teams worked together to weave COVID travel-related features into Wego apps and websites. Their timely response to users’ needs contributed to a significant increase in organic user acquisition, at a time when actual travel activity was still at a steep decline.