On the road to marketing nirvana

October 23, 2013
, by wego admin

The travel industry has been trying to make the most of digital interactions but due to the increasing volumes analytics is a tough proposition. This problem has arisen because original web analytics didn’t take into account the diverse channels and devices that travellers use today.

Speaking from a marketer’s perspective, Joachim Holte, chief marketing officer at Wego, says there are a lot of players, all trying to do very similar things. This makes  it very difficult for the average marketing person to cut through the clutter.

Using Wego’s 5-million plus monthly visitors as an example, Holte explains how advertisers are being offered opportunities to extend their audience across other advertising networks when they buy advertising on Wego.

Holte believes solving the cross device and cross-location tracking problem is marketing nirvana and will help the industry to better decide where and how to invest in the future.

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