Marketers Take Flight with New Travel Audience Targeting Solution from

March 6, 2014
, by wego admin

Wego, the leading travel metasearch site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, announced today an additional refinement to their ad targeting solution for marketers, powered by a partnership with Lotame, the leading Data Management Platform (DMP) in the Asia Pacific.

Using Lotame’s DMP, Wego will enable marketers to target beyond content and put their messages in front of highly sought after audience groups. Some of these audiences available to advertisers will include individual business, family, frequent flyer and budget travelers.

“Wego has vast experience in the travel purchasing funnel and sharing this knowledge with other online advertisers helps them to increase their reach and scale providing a far more valuable result for an online campaign, ” said Rick Mulia, VP, Media & Advertising at Wego. “Upgrading our audience targeting solution with Lotame’s DMP, we are even better equipped to place ads with more relevance in front of an audience with high travel intent, using the data to build specific audience segments with zero waste, which is what matters most to advertisers.”

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