‘Macao Government Tourism Office’ Partners with Wego to Promote Tourism in Macao

November 12, 2019
, by wego admin

‘Macao Government Tourism Office’ Partners with Wego to Promote Tourism in Macao

Ranked among the top ten most visited cities in the world, Macao expects around 38 million tourists in 2019

Singapore, 12 November 2019: Wego, one of the largest online travel marketplaces in Asia, has recently announced its partnership with Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO). This partnership aims to attract more travellers from Asia to Macao, making it a preferred destination of choice.

More than 27 million people visited Macao in first eight months of 2019 where the overall percentage of the visitors travelling from China (19%), South Korea (3.4%), Hong Kong (21%) and Taiwan (0.9%) has improved when compared to the same period in 2018.

Macao has earned its name as a famous “stop-over” destination for guests travelling to Hong Kong from Middle Eastern and sub-continental regions. While the main motivational factors of repeat visitors are found to be shopping and leisure, the other reasons include Gaming and Food culture.

Many hotels in Macao are emerging as fully Halal certified hotels providing lifestyle packages, personalized dining experiences and custom-made offers to clientele travelling from the Asia Pacific region.

Wego takes pride in collaborating with MGTO towards the promotion of tourism in Macao. Both parties will work on shedding the light on the key attractions and unique experiences as well as the hidden gems in the country.

Craig Hewett, Co-Founder, Wego, said: “Year-on-year Macao has never failed to impress tourists visiting this city. We’re delighted to partner with MGTO to drive more searches and bookings to the country. While one can take an adventurous skywalk on the 61st floor of Macau Towers or even visit the religious A-Ma Temple, the oldest Chinese temple in the city from where it derived its name, Macao has everything for everybody.”

The opening of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge has lured more holidaymakers, where an overall increase in Asian tourists of 9% is expected during this Chinese New Year holidays. Macao Tourism Board is vigorously taking efforts in smart tourism through remodelling the high-tech Macau Grand Prix themed museum which is bound to attract more tourists for enjoying this experience-driven attraction with some high-end innovations like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and multimedia medium .

A series of cultural events have helped Macao to gain International recognition in recent years. Some of the global events held during November include Macao International Music Festival and Macao Food Festival. International Parade and Macao City Fringe Festival are organized during December and January respectively.

Around the festive season of Christmas, the entire city turns into a fairyland celebrating the “Macao Light Festival” where World Heritage Buildings are illuminated with colourful shimmering lights.

One of the most important events catching the headlines is the “Macao International Film Festivals and Award” during December where new filmmakers are identified and recognized on a global platform.

Although the city is a small speck on the map stretching to just 12 square miles, MGTO has actively leveraged the scenic cultural sites to boost tourism growth.