Is it Monday already? [India]

August 24, 2015
, by wego admin

Bangalore, 24 August,, India’s favourite travel search site today reveals insights into which days of the week Indian travellers do their travel planning.

“It seems Monday-itis is a human condition we all suffer from, and the most frequent day we search for flights,” shared Ashwin Jayasankar, General Manager, Wego India. “Indian traveller’s thoughts turn to travel planning most often at the start of a brand new working week.”

Examining 12 months of search behaviour on Wego showed that Monday was the most common travel planning days for airfares in India, while accommodation options were most sought after on a Wednesday.

“Monday was the most popular day to search for airfares, and most people planned less than a week prior to intended travel dates,” Jayasankar added.

Dr Adrian Wang, Consultant Psychiatrist at Singapore’s Gleneagles Medical Centre said – “Many people who are already stressed by work, experience a great deal of inertia – meaning they find it hard to get started – hence the reluctance to return to work on Monday.”

Wang says that we may begin feeling gloomy on Sunday evenings, which is why doctor’s offices can be so busy on Monday mornings.

“People with the slightest physical ailment will use it as an excuse to escape work and prolong their rest,” added Wang.

However research indicates that Mondayitis in some form physically exists and can be attributed to a number of factors.

“Apart from the most obvious reason of not wanting to return to work and the ‘old routine’, research has shown that the highest number of reported cases of heart dysfunction, as well as workplace injuries, occur most often on Mondays,” Jayasankar continued. “A study by Flinders University in Adelaide showed that the change in sleeping patterns, either less or more on weekends, can also result in Monday morning fatigue. You can be quicker to anger, which may affect your heart, or may make people be less focussed at work.”

Apart from more regular sleeping patterns and keeping calm, the solution can be as simple as planning more breaks.

“Taking frequent holidays can have definite mental health benefits,” said Wang. “We all need a release valve for the pressure that builds up over time. Taking a break helps to recharge physically and emotionally, and can prevent the feeling of burnout that some feel after prolonged work.”

Wang suggests planning holidays ahead of time so you have something to look forward to, and break the routine work monotony which will have you happy about it being Monday, because it’s getting closer to your holiday.

“We all know that travel is good for the soul, but now you know it’s good for your overall health as well. Eat well, sleep well, travel more often, and kiss the Monday blues goodbye,” Jayasankar concluded.

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