Wego Leadership


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Gary has had several stints as a CTO in startups spanning the fields of travel, AI, gaming, social apps & payment over the past 20 years in Singapore. Notably he was also Wego’s first employee and part of the original team that launched the product in Southeast Asia. After dalliances in other interesting roles over the years, including experiences with mergers, acquisitions, and exits, he’s returned to Wego to lead the technology arm into its next big thing.

As Wego’s CTO, Gary spearheads the company’s major technology projects, and ensures a culture of quality, clever engineering flourishes across the global Wego offices. As a believer in superior teams resulting in superior products, he also makes sure the engineering teams are filled by people with a hobbyist spirit, and a drive to do things right.

Gary currently resides in Singapore.