Business travel – big business for advertisers

November 29, 2016
, by wego admin

Singapore, 29 November,, the leading travel search site in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, shares insights into how advertisers can effectively target the increasingly valuable business travel segment.

“Large numbers of corporate travellers are increasingly using Wego to plan business trips,” said Graham Hills, Chief Commercial Officer of Wego. “The thought process for planning business trips differs from holiday travel and we’ve found that many advertisers have found it difficult to know where to start to effectively target this attractive travel segment.”

“There are a variety of business trip types that should be considered for advertisers to ensure their relevance to the business traveller,” said Hills.

1. The short notice trip – where travel planning and booking is made as required

2. Team travel – for conferences, events or meetings

3. Regular travel – quarterly or monthly business management trips, networking

“The best advertising is targeted and useful to the audience it reaches,” Hills explained. “Generic inspirational messaging won’t work for this type of traveller who has a completely different set of priorities when it comes to travelling than those who travel for leisure.”

“Business travel is a large user segment on Wego,” Hills continued. “For instance, we’ve seen a 16 percent increase in business travel in 2016 on compared to last year.”

“Wego’s travel app suits the business traveller because it provides an instantaneous and mobile platform to plan and book trips, and also suits their unique priorities which includes advanced filtering based on flight arrival times and hotel location map; both extremely pertinent to their travel objectives,” Hills added. “These priorities are prerequisites for the corporate traveller, whereas holiday travel tends to be a little more flexible and value based.”

“We can identify our business travel users by a number of factors including number of passengers, whether search includes children, visit duration and weekday trips,” said Hills.

“Wego offers a blend of first and third party data that is quite unique. Our first party data is richer and more valuable to advertisers as our data targets users who have clear travel intent,” Hills explained. “Pre-trip is when we have access to our largest addressable audience, and post-trip we’re able to re-engage and remarket to these audiences based on their travels.”

“We use a combination of what our search data tells us; destinations, number of passengers, lead booking times, days of travel as well as more complex details through our data management platform (DMP) which digs deeper into age, gender, household income and employment status – even the industry that travellers work in,” said Hills. “Our DMP enables us to learn more about our audience and target more specific and higher converting audiences, and is an integral component of our ad tech stack.”

“As well as speed and convenience for trip planning and booking, business travellers use the Wego travel app while in-trip for the same reasons,” said Hills. “Additional flights and accommodation can be found and booked instantly while you’re on the move. Quite often additional unplanned travel is necessary during a business trip, and another opportunity for advertisers to target this segment.”


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