6 secrets to get an upgrade on your next flight

September 12, 2014
, by wego admin
There’s a scene on the TV series Friends, when Monica fussed at an airline check-in counter so that she and Chandler could get upgraded to first class like a couple on honeymoon in line before them. Many Hollywood blockbusters also portray a typical scene in which honeymooners get upgraded to first or business class by their carrier.

It is time to shed some light on how the policy works in the aviation industry. Or maybe there is no such policy at all?

Graham Hills, managing director of Wego Indonesia, said that the members of Wego’s executive team are extremely well travelled and have had many years of experience in the travel industry. And the good news is that the executives of this leading travel site company in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East are more than happy to share their secrets.

Dean Wicks, Wego’s chief flights officer, and Craig Hewett, Wego’s co-founder and chief commercial officer, had some great insights into how upgrades work in airlines and how to secure them for yourself.

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